Cartwright Ranch

Horse Drawn Rigs

Cartwright Ranch been providing horse-drawn rigs, equipment and props for the movie industry and civic events since                                 1966. In the past, we have worked for The Fort Worth Stock Show, Six Flags Amusement park companies,                                          Warner Brothers Studios, Universal Studios, 96.3 KCSC and WBAP Radio in the Fort Worth/ Dallas area, just to                                 name a few. One of our current clients is Wells Fargo and Company.

We have several pieces of horse-drawn equipment available for rental. Depending on the nature of your business or                             special occasion, we are confident that we can provide a horse drawn rig to best suit your needs.

Our "buckboard" will accommodate                      up to 9 guests. Depending on the                 number of guests, our buckboard will                    be pulled by a two-horse team or a                     four-horse team.

Our "covered wagon" or "chuck wagon" provides an authentic 1880s look, with or without the canvas-covered top. One guest could ride along with the driver or roll up the cover and fill the back with guests. A two-horse team pulls this rig.

Our "carriage" can accommodate four to six guests comfortably. We have carriages available in your choice of color: white, black or navy blue. Our carriages are pulled by two-horse teams.

"Wedding Day" White
Elegant, as always, in Black

The "hitch wagon"or "freight wagon" is reminiscent of an 1800s freight wagon. It is much larger and taller than most of our other rigs. It can accommodate six to 10 guests. A four-horse team pulls this rig.

The "stagecoach" speaks for itself. It can accommodate eight guests, six inside the coach and two 'up top' with the driver. The coach is pulled by a four or six-horse team, depending on your needs.

Any of these horse-drawn rigs can be made available to you for parades, civic events, weddings or special occasions. These rigs do vary in price. Give us a call or Email us at for more information.