Cartwright Ranch
Where your horse is "home".

Carolyn Cartwright grew up around Fort Worth. She has lived her entire adult life right here, at the ranch. This is where she chose to raise her family. She has a brilliant way with livestock, of all kinds. That is evident to our guests, on their first visit. Farming and ranching has been her life and always will be. She feeds and cares for over 100 head of livestock everyday. Carolyn is up at sunrise 7 days a week and you will see her working around the ranch, long after dark. Most days you will find her riding colts in the round pen, driving young harness horses or mending fence in the pasture with her faithful Australian shepherd, Roy, at her side. Carolyn is the "life blood" of the ranch and she is proud to share it with you.

Carolyn and her driving horses, Champ and CR
Alan Cartwright
One of Alan Cartwright's Winston Shoots

A Benbrook, Texas native, Alan Cartwright has been performing since age 6. A member of the Screen Actors Guild since 1973, Alan has worked in many aspects of the entertainment industry. He has performed in over 6,000 live appearances and "Wild West Show" productions at rodeos, amusement parks and fairs, nation wide. In addition Alan has worked on numerous films, Television shows, commercials, still shots and print ads. Some of his projects include "Bronco Billy", Wishbone", Texas Tourism Commercial 2002; print ads for Winston and international Marlboro video ads. Alan also traveled to London, England as a guest performer, trick riding in a circus special which was produced and carried by NBC in the United States and BBC television in the United Kingdom.

He has traveled worldwide, exhibiting his trick riding skills, Roman riding horsemanship, multiple hitch driving ability, his accuracy with a bullwhip and unbeatable marksmanship with his Henry rifle or his .45 Colts. He was the curator, producer and director of Pawnee Bill’s Wild West Show from 1992- 2001. He also produced "Western Round Up" Wild West show at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo from 1996-2001.

Alan Cartwright and Scout

When Alan is not making a true living symbol of "the cowboy", you will find him traveling the country, with his dog, Sally, representing Wells Fargo Bank as one of their few certified Stagecoach drivers. Alan is truly a multi-talented horseman, actor, entertainer and historian.